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New Podcast Feed for All About Jack

July 31, 2014

All About Jack (2014)bI’m changing my podcast feed for All About Jack and while most of you just wait to see it announced here, those of you who go for the direct feed will especially want to know about this change. That direct feed is: If you just want to go to the site itself to see the latest posting go here:

I decided start off by adding the first four essay chats. As you may recall the purpose of them is to take a single essay/short work my Lewis and explore it to encourage you to read or re-read it. I also included the recent show about the latest issue of Sehnsucht. Below are the titles and direct links:

Upcoming Lecture on Lewis as Preacher

July 27, 2014
Photo Courtesy of Lancia Smith

Photo Courtesy of Lancia Smith

This year is the 75th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s first appearance behind the pulpit. His first sermon was in 1939 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford. To help mark this landmark event William O’Flaherty will be speaking at the C. S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga on Tuesday, August 12 to highlight all of his messages.

O’Flaherty’s talk is entitled “Lewis as Preacher – A 75th Anniversary Reflection” as is part of the group’s free summer series held at The Camp House in Chattanooga, Tennessee. More DETAILS HERE.

Preview some of the material that will be covered at the talk by reading an article recently posted on HarperOne’s official C.S. Lewis blog. Below is the first couple of paragraphs (follow the link to read the rest).

Read more…

(PREVIEW) C.S. Lewis’s Hidden Hatred of Males

July 18, 2014

As previously noted this blog has been superseded by another site I’ve created that now contains all the new material I do related to Lewis.  However, from time-to-time I duplicate a post here (or provide a preview of it) because there are so many signed up to receive notification of news post here.   

C.S. Lewis’s Hidden Hatred of Males

Those who falsely claim that C.S. Lewis didn’t like women have missed the gender than he secretly hated: MALES! That’s correct, hidden very deep within the writings of C.S. Lewis you will discover a hatred that is so concealed that only my carefully skilled abilities have been able to uncover the shocking truth.

I don’t expect you to accept my word on this delicate matter…so, I’ll reveal what my findings have been so far (undoubtedly there is more yet to be discovered). What follows is a list of characters Lewis created along with a short explanation as to why it proves my point.

  • Edmund Pevensie – in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Edmund is the villainous traitor whose deeds result in the death of Aslan.


AAJ Podcast: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Christopher Mitchell

July 16, 2014

Christopher Mitchell3From my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page – The following podcast is done in honor of Dr. Christopher Mitchell who passed away unexpectedly on July 10, 2014. It’s been often expressed by those mourning the loss of a loved one or close friend that they wished they had shared their reflective remarks to the person before they had died. While I don’t if the following individuals sharing their thoughts about Chris didn’t say them to him, they are nevertheless touching words about someone who impacted the lives of many people around the world. Some may not recognize Chris’s name, that’s likely because he was a humble person who preferred focusing on encouraging others than spending time trying to make a name for himself. 

Listen to Honoring Chris Mitchell Reflections


AAJ Podcast: Wade Center/Dr. Christopher Mitchell

July 14, 2014

Wade-Chris MitchellFrom my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page – As this podcast episode is being repeated (with a new introduction), news of the death of Dr. Christopher Mitchell is less than a week old. This interview features Chris from a chat William O’Flaherty had with him in 2012 while he was still the Director of the Marion E. Wade Center. In 2013 he moved to teach at Biola University.  While this conversation focuses mostly on the Wade, Chris also shares some of his favorite books by and about Lewis.

Listen to Wade/Chris Mitchell Interview


Reported on – Death of Dr. Chris Mitchell

July 13, 2014

As most of you are aware this blog is infrequently updated because I now run a newer site called (and all the posts here are NOW always there). However, I thought I’d make you aware of something I just posted yesterday there. It was a report of the death of Dr. Christoper Mitchell who was formerly the director of the Marion E. Wade Center. Read about it by following this DIRECT LINK.


AAJ Podcast: Sehnsucht – The C. S. Lewis Journal (Dr. Bruce Johnson)

July 7, 2014

Sehnsucht 2013-14From my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page – As this podcast episode is releasing the latest issue of a publication called Sehnsucht is shipping soon. I spoke with Dr. Bruce Johnson a few months ago before unexpected delays meant the combined Volume 7/8 would not come out until this month. Bruce discusses the regular features found in each issue of Sehnsucht along with articles by Dr. David Downing and Dr. Don King that is in this latest issue. Also learn about the Arizona C.S. Lewis Society, the group that publishes Sehnsucht.

Listen to Sehnsucht Interview



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