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C.S. Lewis: “The New Men” pt. 4 of 4

October 28, 2011

There is only one surviving recording of any broadcast from what eventual become the book Mere Christianity. Below is the FOURTH and final segment. Also below is a link for downloading the complete (all four parts together) broadcast.

  • This talk (The New Men) was recorded on March 21, 1944 and broadcast on April 4, 1944.

  • It was the seventh and final talk and became the 11th chapter of Beyond Personality (book four on Mere Christianity).

  • Note the book version is somewhat different.

  • A future minute will discuss this and provide a link to a transcript of the broadcast.


The COMPLETE Broadcast

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  1. October 28, 2011 11:06 am

    I’ve been looking forward each day to listening to the next recording! The words are brilliant enough in themselves, but hearing C. S. Lewis speak them is truly impactful. How I wish we had all of the Mere Christianity broadcasts!

    Thanks so much for posting this–you’re blog was a good find!

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