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016 – Cair Paravel

November 7, 2011

    Listen to as PODCAST: LM0016-Cair Paravel 


There are many interesting places to visit if you ever make it to Narnia. High up on the list has to be Cair Paravel.

If you are really good with your Narnian geography you know a reason to visit Cair Paravel is because it is the capital of the famous land. If your place of entry is from what Mr. Tumnus calls “the far land of Spare Oom” you will likely pass the Fords of Beruna on your way.

If you happen to make it during the Golden Age of Narnia you might get to see any of the Pevensie children as they are the rulers during this time. Arriving about a thousand years later, however, might be more than a little disappointing. As you may recall this is settling of Prince Caspian, when the place is sadly in ruins.


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