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Both Parts Dr. Markos Interview

November 8, 2011

Here is a SINGLE audio file containing both parts of my interview with Dr. Louis Markos. It includes updated information on C.S. Lewis: The Movie (also known as “Jack’s Life”) that he co-wrote the screenplay for.

^Click to listen^

Download Parts 1 & 2 Dr. Markos

Question Addressed:

  • Tell us about what you teach?
  • What is the aim of Restoring Beauty and how did it come about?
  • What is your book, Lewis Agonistes about?
  • What’s the latest on C.S. Lewis: The Movie that focuses on the early life of Lewis?
  • Where can people get the latest details in the future about the movie?
  • What other books have you written?


C.S. Lewis Movie Facebook Page (Updated 1/24/12)

Dr. Louis Markos’ Faculty Page



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