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Both Parts Dr. Ordway Interview

November 18, 2011

Here is a SINGLE audio file containing both parts of my interview with Dr. Holly Ordway. She is the author of Not God’s Type and maintains a site called Hieropraxis.

^Click to listen^

Download Parts 1 & 2 Dr. Ordway

Question Addressed:

  • What was your purpose, or motivation behind writing your book?
  • C.S. Lewis clearly had an impact on your life…walk us through how that happen highlighting books, essays or concepts that impacted you the most.
  • I’m meeting with you here at the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s annual retreat at Camp Allen in Texas…tell what it means to you to be involved in an organization like this.
  • You have a blog called Hieropraxis, which I’ll provide a link on my site for, tell us what people can expect when they visit.
  • Why do you think Lewis has such an appeal to so many people?
  • Which book by Lewis has meant the most to you, or one that you believe has impacted you the most?
  • For someone new to Lewis, what book BY him do you suggest is a “must” read?
  • How about besides your book on Lewis, do you have any on a “must” read list, or at least highly suggested?


Purchase Not God’s Type

Visit Dr. Ordway’s Hieropraxis Site

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  1. "LadyLorraine" permalink
    November 21, 2011 8:29 pm

    Thank you. After several “Camp Allens” together it was still necessary to hear Holly’s answers here to get a full picture of her story. Wonderful. (Love your comment about CSL: “There’s always something more to read!” Or, I’d add, REread. Abolition of Man for me at the moment.) Btw: Amen to your top book picks, however, did I miss it OR did you NOT mention “Til We Have Faces”…?! >smile<
    I'll definitely be checking out Hieropraxis!


  1. Elektrische Zahnbuerste

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