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Helping The Lion Awakes

March 25, 2012

By now you’ve likely heard of the film project called The Lion Awakes. There is now a 30 day “kickstarter” fundraiser going on. Between now and April 23rd they are needing to raise $105,000. How will this money be spent? The page itself notes “”Funds raised will be spent on casting, line production, and to offer the first level of capital investment necessary to secure venture capital.”

Please note there are various incentives you get in exchange for your support. For example, for a pledge of $10 you get the following:

Digital download package, including an mp3 of a brand new soundtrack piece called “Oxford”, Hi-Res Digital Poster + Exclusive Project updates via email newsletter! Plus a personal email of thanks from the Production Team!

Get all the details at The Lion Awakes Kickstarter Page

= = = = = =

There is also a YouTube Video describing the campaign.

= = = = = =

The Teaser trailer for The Lion Awakes is available!

On Youtube

= = = = = =

Here’s the new official website:

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