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Lion Awakes FAQ Updated

March 28, 2012

I’ve updated The Lion Awakes FAQ page, but felt the new information was important enough to share it here instead of the Lewis Minute feature today.

Last updated 3/28/12

Frequently Asked Question about The Lion Awakes

The following are answers to questions about the upcoming movie on the life of C.S. Lewis entitled The Lion Awakes.

While all answers are believed to be accurate as of the date posted above, please note that this is an UNOFFICIAL page and not meant to suggest it is endorsed by those who are actually producing the movie.

Answers to the questions are from either comments made by the co-authors in an interview (link provide below) or from their FB page found here.

BREAKING NEWS…Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled due to negotiations with a major studio (that isn’t named yet)

Here’s part of what Dr. Markos emailed about the news:

“I have bad news and good news.  The bad news is that I and my fellow producers have decided to end the kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film.  The GOOD news is that the reason we decided to end it is that we are currently in negotiation with a major studio, and it seemed more prudent at this time to focus on issues of production.”

  1. (NEW) Does the film have an official site?
    YES! It is now live; visit it here:
  2. (NEW) Is there any trailer about the movie yet?
    YES! There is an official TEASER trailer on their YouTube page here:
  3. When Will The Movie Be Released?
    Present hopes are for it to be released sometime between the first The Hobbit movie and the second (sometime in 2013). (From 2/1 FB post): “The release date of this film will be 2013, in honour of the 50th anniversary of C.S.Lewis’s death. We will be shooting in the UK later this year, with some big scenes in Oxford!”
  4. Who Are The Actors In The Movie?
    Updated from their site): “Our lawyer Paul Renney (The Kings Speech) is already in negotiations with top “A” list actors to portray Lewis and Tolkien, not to mention a very special female lead.”
  5. What Studio is Producing The Movie?
    Three Agree Films is the studio, it is being produced by Wernher Pramschufer.
    (Note: link was added for the studio’s official site)
  6. Who wrote the screenplay?
    Dr. Louis Markos and Darren Scott Jacobs
    (Note: link was added to Dr. Markos’ site)
  7. Besides C.S. Lewis, what other people from his life will be in the movie?
    J.R.R. Tolkien will be featured for the first time on film in this movie.
  8. Where will this film be made?
    This movie will be made in the UK.
  9. Are there any interviews with the screenwriters of the movie?
    Yes! You can see a short video with Dr. Markos here:
    Listen to an interview with Darren Jacobs here:
    Listen to an interview with Dr. Markos here:
  10. Will this page be updated frequently?
    If you have questions that are not answered above leave them in the comment section below.

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