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049 – Giants in the Land

May 23, 2012

    Listen to as PODCAST: LM049 – Giants 


What’s tall, lacking in good looks and usually on the low end of the intelligence scale?

I’m sure you know the answer is a Giant…and they are often found in the Narnia stories. For obvious reasons they are useful as allies if you have to go to battle. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Rumblebuffin is on the good side and helpful during the First Battle of Beruna.

There are, however, some giants you want to avoid. In The Silver Chair we find those living in Harfang can seem nice, but if you are human you especially want to avoid them during their great autumn feast. Marsh-wiggles should also heed this caution. The giants at Ettinsmoor are also best avoided, as you might be hit by one of the stones they often throw at one another!


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