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r18 – Which Caspian?

May 28, 2012

    Listen to as PODCAST: LMr18 – Which Caspian? 


Even if you are a serious fan of the Narnia stories you might still have trouble figuring out which Caspian is which!

Unless you’ve never read any of The Chronicles of Narnia stories, you already know there is a Prince Caspian. But do you know who Caspian the Tenth, Caspian the Seafarer and Caspian the Navigator are? Give yourself a gold star if you knew they are the same person.

 As you can guess, there are at least ten individuals named Caspian. Yet, within the Narnia stories only four others are specifically mentioned. They are Caspian the First, who was known as Caspian the Conqueror (and the first Telmarine King of Narnia. Then, Caspian the Sixth built Miraz’s castle. Finally, Caspian the 8th was the father of Miraz and Caspian the 9th.

Which Caspian is your favorite? Let me by leaving a comment below!


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