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051 – Lewis Had a Brother

June 6, 2012

    Listen to as PODCAST: LM051 – Lewis Had a Brother 


This close friend of C.S. Lewis wrote over half-a-dozen books, lived with him and was a member of the Inklings.

Born three years before Jack, Warren Lewis (also known simply as “Warnie”) is often overlooked because of his more famous brother. However, Warnie was a writer himself, with his main focus being on various aspects of 17th-century France. Prior to the start of WWI he entered the Royal Military Academy and served as a second lieutenant when the war started, ultimately becoming a career soldier.

 He actually renewed his Christian faith before Jack and is the editor of the unpublished Lewis Family Papers, a multi-volume collection covering their family history. And, as already noted, he was an active member of the Inklings, a group of friends who gathered and often shared each others writings.


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  1. August 3, 2012 10:36 pm

    I wonder if The Lewis Family Papers will ever be published? Now that Walter Hooper is in retirement, I wonder where the impetus for this sort of large publishing project is going to come from? HarperCollins hardly seem to be falling over themselves to print any unpublished Lewis material. I wonder if HarperCollins actually own the publishing rights to The Lewis Papers?


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