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052 – Tracking Lewis’s Shorter Works

June 11, 2012

   Listen to as PODCAST: LM052 – Lewis’s Shorter Works 


Keeping track of C.S. Lewis’s shorter works can be difficult especially when a 1949 collection came out with two different titles.

Transposition and Other Addresses is the name of the UK edition of the first collection of Lewis’s speeches. However, when published in the United States it was given the title of one of his other talks, “The Weight of Glory.” Either book had just five addresses. The three not yet mentioned are “Membership,” “Learning in War-Time,” and “The Inner Ring.”

However, it gets a little more confusing because a 1980 edition that uses the second title expanded the selection to include four additional addresses. They were “On Forgiveness,” A Slip of the Tongue,” “Why I Am Not a Pacifist” and “Is Theology Poetry?”

Do you have a favorite talk from this book? Tell me about by leaving a comment below!


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