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The Narnia Code Podcast PREVIEW

June 22, 2012

Instead of posting a previously released CSL Minute today, I decided to offer a special preview of about five minutes of the upcoming The Narnia Code short-term podcast series that will post on Monday. So follow the link below to listen (and even learn how you can hear the entire show BEFORE the official release on Monday)!

While the first podcast in the upcoming short-term series with Dr. Michael Ward is still a few days away, you can listen to a preview NOW! Dr. Ward, myself (William O’Flaherty) and Dr. Holly Ordway are doing a chapter-by-chapter chat about The Narnia Code (while also noting additional content in Planet Narnia and the DVD documentary of The Narnia Code).

   Listen to the PREVIEW of The Narnia Code Podcast


This series will be weekly and consist of twelve main shows (one for each chapter of the book), plus there will be at least one “Q&A” show featuring questions from listeners about the book! During the series Dr. Ward will focus mostly on The Narnia Code, but mention will also be made from time-to-time about the earlier book Planet Narnia and some of the additional content it contains as well as the DVD version of the BBC special that was on TV.

Dr. Holly Ordway did a review on her site about Planet Narnia; it is especially good for those who are wondering what this is all about.

Also, if you missed my interview with Dr. Ward from All About Jack consider listening to it for an overview of The Narnia Code.

(Yes, that means YOU!)

Be sure to listen in to learn about the hidden layer in the Narnian stories. If you have already read the book and have questions you can go ahead and send them now. Just leave a comment below or send it to


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