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01 The Narnia Code Series (with Dr. Michael Ward)

June 25, 2012

This is the debut episode of a special short-term podcast series on The Narnia Code with Dr. Michael Ward. Each show will focus on one of the chapters in the book. Plus, there will be a final program featuring questions from listeners. My special co-host for this effort is Dr. Holly Ordway. This episode is on “The Mystery.”

Listen to Episode 1 of The Narnia Code Podcast



Schedule Update (6/18/12):

Because of starting a centralize place online to be able to access all four of my different Lewis content ( I decided it made sense to unify the release of my CSL Minute and All About Jack content.

So, interviews are released at both places on Mondays. This means the first C.S. Lewis Minute of the week will be on Tuesdays from now on.

The “Essay Chat” will be released on the same day (as before), but now it will be Wednesdays, instead of Thursdays!

Thus, the next CSL Minute will be on Thursdays and another will be posted on Fridays as well (as before, this is usually a “repeat” of a previously released minute).


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