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60th Anniversary of Mere Christianity

July 7, 2012

Today (July 7, 2012) marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of the landmark book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Of course, this is an unusual anniversary because, it’s not really a “book” in one sense of the word, but it is a collection of three previously published books. Add to this, the fact that those books were collections of previous radio broadcasts over the BBC before they were published!

There have been many fine places that have recounted the history of Mere Christianity, so I’ll not do that here. If you want to be reminded of this, or learn more about it consider reading a piece written by Dr. David Downing called Mere Christianity: “Making Righteousness Readable” from HarperOne’s blog.

Another interesting article is from Mike W. Perry on the Discovery Institute site. It’s an article called Publication History of C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity.

Plus if you haven’t listened to the ONLY surviving broadcast from this classic work then check out the article I did in late May of this year entitled C.S. Lewis Himself.

How has this book impacted your life? Tell me about it with a comment below!


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