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Reminder of Other Resources

July 18, 2012

Several friends have told me they have a difficult time keeping up with all the new postings here (which include the interviews), so as mentioned last week the “essay chat” series is on hold. Hopefully you have been enjoying The Narnia Code podcast series which are interviews with Dr. Michael Ward (the author) between myself (William O’Flaherty) and Dr. Holly Ordway (from Hieropraxis).

For those who may not be aware, besides the CSL Minute and interviews I have a couple of other Lewis-related resources. Both are rather short and simple. One is a daily quiz question (which is how I began my splash into online Lewis content…if you don’t count the C.S. Lewis Quote of the Week I did briefly about 15 years ago). I also converted the quiz questions into “facts” about Lewis for my other resource. Both of these can be seen on the more recent venture I began that collects all four resources,

If you want to see either of these other resources (along with an archive of previous questions or facts) you have to go to the places I started them. In fact, I actually don’t provide the answers to the questions at the new website. So, here’s where you go:

  1. Daily Quiz: Facebook Quiz Fan Page or Daily Quiz Blog Site

  2. Facts: Only available on my Twitter page

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