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New Summary: Minutes #1-10

August 3, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “summary” of my past minutes as a group. So, here is the first of several recaps of them in groups of ten. Below is the title and a preview of the beginning, along with a link to the rest of the text. The direct link is also given so you can just listen or download it.

Also, don’t forget that the CSL Minute and my other features (quiz, fact and interviews) can be viewed in one convenient place at

  • #1: The Unsuccessful Poet:
    C. S. Lewis, a successful writer in a number of areas, actually dreamed of accomplishing something that in reality became an early failure for him.
    Text | Audio

  • #2: Many Ways to Read Narnia:
    How many orders can you read The Chronicles of Narnia in? Let me count the ways!
    Text | Audio

  • #3: Lewis Didn’t Like Screwtape:
    While C.S. Lewis is known primarily for The Chronicle of Narnia books, his first really big “claim to fame” came from another series…one that he didn’t particularly like himself.
    Text | Audio

  • #4: Don’t Call Me “Clive”:
    At an early age C.S. Lewis decided he didn’t like his first name…and believe me you wouldn’t want it either.
    Text | Audio

  • #5: Companion To Narnia:
    Since the release of The Chronicles of Narnia movies in 2005, the already popular books have sold even more; leaving some asking what the best book about the series is.
    | Audio

  • #6: Lewis Married Joy Twice:
    Were you aware that C.S. Lewis tied the knot twice…to the same woman?! I’m not making this up…
    Text | Audio

  • #7: Narnia Radio Drama:
    If you think seeing The Chronicles of Narnia come to life on the big screen is exciting wait until you HEAR this!
    Text | Audio

  • #8: A Baptized Imagination:
    C.S. Lewis has influenced countless individuals…but do you know who affected him so much that a book by that author baptized Lewis’ imagination?
    Text | Audio

  • #9: Problem of Pain:
    Do you have a problem with pain? You might say C.S. Lewis had such a problem with it that he wrote a book about it!
    Text | Audio

  • #10: MHR: Quotable Lewis:
    Ever have trouble finding a quotation by Lewis? It wouldn’t be a problem with this must have resource…
    Text | Audio


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