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New Summary: Minutes #11-20

August 10, 2012

Here’s the next installment of “new” summaries…this is for #11 to #20. Below is the title and a preview of the beginning, along with a link to the rest of the text. The direct link is also given so you can just listen or download it.

Also, don’t forget that the CSL Minute and my other features (quiz, fact and interviews) can be viewed in one convenient place at

  • #11: Mere Christianity Origins pt. 1:
    Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis is frequently cited as a favorite book; but did you know that it all began on the radio?
    | Audio

  • #12: Mere Christianity Origins pt. 2:
    Last time I gave you some background information about how Mere Christianity began as radio broadcasts and next became a series of three books. Would you believe there is a backstory to this backstory?
    Text | Audio

  • #13: Lewis’s Slow Conversion:
    Many people take their time making important decisions, but you may not believe how long it took C.S. Lewis to go from believing in God to becoming a Christian.
    Text | Audio

  • #14: Puddleglum:
    There are so many memorable characters in The Chronicles of Narnia it seems unfair to pick just one, even when you exclude most of the main characters.
    | Audio

  • #15: Not Reading Four Loves:
    Some people think they hear C.S. Lewis reading his book in the audio product The Four Loves…too bad it isn’t true!
    Text | Audio

  • #16: Cair Paravel:
    There are many interesting places to visit if you ever make it to Narnia. High up on the list has to be Cair Paravel.
    Text | Audio

  • #17: Lewis the Letter Writer:
    C.S. Lewis was obviously a writer, yet few people realize how much he personally wrote to others!
    Text | Audio

  • #18: Which Caspian?:
    Even if you are a serious fan of the Narnia stories you might still have trouble figuring out which Caspian is which!
    Text | Audio

  • #19: The Abolition of Man:
    Lewis is recognized as a top notched writer in several areas, but if you are only a casual admirer of his work you might not be familiar with The Abolition of Man that was published before the end of World War II.
    Text | Audio

  • #20: Other Demons in Screwtape Letters:
    If C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters is one of your favorites you probably know quite a few names of the devils mentioned in that book.
    Text | Audio

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