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New Summary: Minutes #21-30

August 24, 2012

Here’s another installment in the “new” summaries…this is for #21 to #30, so those not familiar with this blog have a quick reference to previous content.
Below is the title and a preview of the beginning text, along with a link to the rest of the material. An “audio” link is also given so you can just listen or download it.

Also, don’t forget that the CSL Minute and my other features (quiz, fact and interviews) can be viewed in one convenient place at

  • #21: Digory Kirke:
    Do you know who the first male human is to visit Narnia as a boy?
    Text | Audio

  • #22: Lewis as Preacher:
    As a lay person Lewis preached only a handful of sermons but they were so well liked that those published in his lifetime are still in print today!
    Text | Audio

  • #23: Four Causes of Laughter:
    Lewis once wrote a book about four loves, but have you heard of his four types of laughter?
    Text | Audio

  • #24: Introducing The Inklings:
    Any hard-core fan of C.S. Lewis knows who The Inklings are…but if you’re not such a fan you probably don’t have an inkling of what I mean!
    Text | Audio

  • #25: John in Regress:
    The main character from The Pilgrim’s Regress meets many interesting individuals, like Mr. Enlightenment and Mr. Sensible…both of which are neither!
    Text | Audio

  • #26: Remembering Four Signs:
    Do you have a great memory? Jill Pole definitely needed one in her first adventure in Narnia!
    Text | Audio

  • #27: The Business of Heaven:
    Whether you are new to C.S. Lewis or an experienced reader of his works have I got a resource for you!
    Text | Audio

  • #28: Reflection on the Psalms:
    What book of the Bible did C. S. Lewis read more than any other?
    Text | Audio

  • #29: Sailing with the “Dawn Treader”:
    A great adventure at sea awaits you aboard the “Dawn Treader!”
    Text | Audio

  • #30: When Traveling Space:
    If you every happen to travel into space I know someone you should take with you.
    Text | Audio

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