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New Summary: Minutes #41-50

September 7, 2012

Here’s another installment in the “new” summaries…this is for #41 to #50, so those not familiar with this blog have a quick reference to some of my previous content.
Below is the title and a preview of the beginning text, along with a link to the rest of the material. An “audio” link is also given so you can just listen or download it.

Also, don’t forget that the CSL Minute and my other features (quiz, fact and interviews) can be viewed in one convenient place at

  • #41: The Shoddy Lands:
    Lewis is known for various fictional works, especially his stories of Narnia. But I bet you didn’t know he also wrote about “The Shoddy Lands.”
    Text | Audio

  • #42: Who Drew Narnia:
    Who illustrated The Chronicles of Narnia and how was the person selected?
    Text | Audio

  • #43: How Hooper Got Started:
    There’s no denying that Walter Hooper has made the greatest contribution to the study of C.S. Lewis, but do you know how he got started?
    Text | Audio

  • #44: Dangers of National Repentance:
    C.S. Lewis was such a gifted writer that even when he wrote about a very specific situation one can still years later glean useful truth for other circumstances. Such was the case with Lewis’ essay “Dangers of National Repentance.”
    Text | Audio

  • #45: How Narnia Started:
    Any true fan of the Narnia stories knows “it all began with a picture,” but do you know when this happen in C.S. Lewis’s life?
    Text | Audio

  • #46: Lewis’s Second Mother:
    Most familiar with C.S. Lewis knows his mother died before he was ten, but do you know he “adopted” another mother?.
    Text | Audio

  • #47: Last Famous Centaur:
    In the original Narnia books only three centaurs are mentioned by name. Do you remember the one from The Last Battle?
    Text | Audio

  • #48: Owen Barfield:
    C.S. Lewis called this man the “wisest and best of my unofficial teachers” even though this member of the Inklings is someone he rarely could agree with!
    Text | Audio

  • #49: Giants in the Land:
    What’s tall, lacking in good looks and usually on the low end of the intelligence scale?
    Text | Audio

  • #50: Comments to Sister Penelope:
    As previously noted C.S. Lewis wrote a lot of letters. While some were fairly routine correspondence, you can frequently find in them much of his beliefs on a range of issues.
    Text | Audio

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