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062 – C.S. Lewis Foundation Fall Retreat (Camp Allen)

September 13, 2012

    Listen to as PODCAST:LM062 – Camp Allen Retreat 


Looking for an enriching getaway related to C.S. Lewis? You can’t go wrong with The C.S. Lewis Retreat in Texas!

Each fall for the last several years the C.S. Lewis Foundation has held a retreat at Camp Allen, just north of Houston. The event for 2012 is from November 9th to the 11th and the theme is “Choosing Heaven.” A key focus is on Lewis’s book “The Great Divorce.” But there is also a Writer’s component and Children’s Track among other things.

A variety of presenters include Joseph Pearce and Dr. Diana Glyer who was previously interviewed on the All About Jack podcast. You can visit the foundation’s website, for more details and to learn of special events planned for 2013 and 2014.

Is there something about the life of C.S. Lewis you want to know? Tell me your question(s) by leaving a comment below.


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