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New Summary: Minutes #51-60

September 14, 2012

Here’s the final installment in the “new” summaries…this is for #51 to #60. Obviously, these are the most recent postings, but felt it was useful to do them this way for existing new visitors and those in the future looking for a quick way to preview my previous content.
Below is the title and the first part of the text, along with a link to the rest of the material. An “audio” link is also given so you can just listen or download it.

Also, don’t forget that the CSL Minute and my other features (quiz, fact and interviews) can be viewed in one convenient place at

  • #51: Lewis Had a Brother:
    This close friend of C.S. Lewis wrote over half-a-dozen books, lived with him and was a member of the Inklings.
    Text | Audio

  • #52: Tracking Lewis’s Shorter Works:
    Keeping track of C.S. Lewis’s shorter works can be difficult especially when a 1949 collection came out with two different titles.
    Text | Audio

  • #53: Why Telmarines Rule:
    If only sons of Adam and daughters of Eve can rightfully rule Narnia then how could someone like Prince Caspian and the other Caspians be rulers?
    Text | Audio

  • #54: Third Layer to Narnia pt. 1:
    Nearly everyone is aware of the hidden Christian element in The Chronicles of Narnia, but did you know there could be yet another secret layer to them?
    Text | Audio

  • #55: Third Layer to Narnia pt. 2:
    Previously I mentioned Dr. Michael Ward’s book The Narnia Code…but what exactly is the secret code?
    Text | Audio

  • #56: Sometimes Short Titles Aren’t Best:
    Most of C.S. Lewis’s shorter writings have an equally short title. Do you know the one that is definitely an exception to this rule?
    Text | Audio

  • #57: Naming a Trilogy:
    When it comes to naming the three books in C.S. Lewis’s other series you can pick from FOUR names!
    Text | Audio

  • #58: Researching Lewis:
    A great number of works have been release that enable you to do a lot of research on Lewis at home, however, if you don’t have all that is published or want more you just have to head to Wheaton College.
    Text | Audio

  • #59: Love is NOT God!:
    C.S. Lewis introduces his book The Four Loves by quoting “God is love” from 1st John, but soon cautious against reversing the order. Why does he do this?
    Text | Audio

  • #60: Happy Day Becomes Sad:
    C.S. Lewis’s father, Albert was born on this day in 1863, however, his 45th birthday was anything but a celebration.
    Text | Audio

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