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New Schedule at C.S. Lewis Minute

September 16, 2012

Effective tomorrow, September 17th, a new schedule will go into effect…

The short version of the details is this:

MONDAYS: Podcast Special (Interview or “essay chat”)

WEDNESDAYS: New C.S. Lewis Minute podcast

FRIDAYS: Repeat CSL Minute podcast

The longer version of the details are:

Some of you may be confused why this is called “C.S. Lewis Minute.” Of course the part about C.S. Lewis is pretty clear. The “minute” part of the name has to do with the fact that I use to do work in radio and produce features that were just 60 seconds, so it seemed logical to produce my short bits of information on Lewis this way. Looking at my stats I know that most of you read the material, but at the moment I’m planning to continue doing it this way (including the transcript with the audio).

As for the “podcast special” on Mondays, many of you are aware that AFTER I started this effort I had the chance to interview various authors of works on C.S. Lewis or people who are involved in some online effort related to Lewis. This grew to the point of justifying a separate blog on PodOmatic. I continue to promote it here because it relates to Lewis and the fact that it all began here. Also, I started doing an “essay chat” some months back where I talk with another Lewis expert about a single essay written by Lewis. I had been releasing theses once a week in addition to my interviews, but have decided to scale back and just do one OR the other each week.

Finally, from time to time (like today and yesterday) I will do non audio posts that note something special going on.

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