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The Hobbit Recap

December 14, 2012

The Hobbit (moive poster)I can’t image that any of you are not aware that TODAY marks the release of The Hobbit movie (part 1). So, it only seemed fitting to review some of the recent material I’ve done related to it. I believe these resources will help you better enjoy the book (and movie). In addition to what I’ve posted, I also selected a few additional places online that you should find useful.

SERIES on The Christian World of The Hobbit

Even though I first did a single interview about this book (see below), I’m listing my five-part series that was just finished on Monday first because if provides the more details. In it, Dr. Devin Brown answers questions from myself (William O’Flaherty) and Sorina Higgins about his book that does a good job at of highlighting Christian elements in The Hobbit without seeing something Christian “under every stone.” Each program is 15-20 minutes long and cover each of the chapters in his book.

  1. “An ‘Essentially’ Christian Story”
  2. “Providence in The Hobbit”
  3. “Purpose in The Hobbit”
  4. “The Moral Landscape in The Hobbit”
  5. “Response and Legacy”

SINGLE INTERVIEW on The Christian World of The Hobbit

If you want a quick overview of Dr. Devin Brown’s book and have no more than about 20 minutes to spare than this single interview I did first with him is what you need!

On the Shoulders of Hobbits Interview

This interview is about 30 minutes long and deals not only with The Hobbit, but actually discusses how some of the themes from The Chronicles of Narnia relate to it. Dr. Louis Markos is the author of On the Shoulders of Hobbits (who has written several other books related to C.S. Lewis that you can find mentioned here).

Other Resources

There are several other books either recently out about The Hobbit or previously released. Feel free to mention them by leaving a comment. I have at least one other interview planned, but not recorded yet on another recent book. Additionally, please feel free to post comments suggesting other online resources.

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Other Helpful Links


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