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Jack in Retrospect: January 1st-7th

January 1, 2013

This fall is the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s death. So, it seemed a good time to begin a special series to honor his life that has continued to have an impact on countless millions. Each article will detail what was happening in his life over the years during that particular week (including books by him released after his death). This initial piece will consider events happening through January 7th.

     Several of Lewis’s books came out this first week. The paperback edition of Reflections of the Psalms became available on the 2nd in 1961. Originally published in 1958, it is the only book he wrote devoted to an entire book of the Bible. As noted in my blog post from C.S. Lewis Minute, this work wasn’t an exhaustive study on the Psalms (as the title clearly states). Readers of only his material defending the Christian faith will notice that this book is meant for those already walking with the Lord. Screwtape Proposes a Toast, a collection of essays book,  features the title essay and seven more selections. Released posthumously on the 4th in 1965, it’s a title that Lewis himself put together before his death. Now out of print, all of the essays can be found in other collections (the lead essay is frequently found in some editions of The Screwtape Letters).

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