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New Year, New Schedule

January 4, 2013

newAs you may have noticed I started a new series called “Jack in Retrospect.” It is now the main feature on my Essential C.S. Lewis web site that I began after creating this blog. This new feature is a weekly look at what was happening in Lewis’s life over the years during that particular week (but includes some events after his death, too). Even though this is longer than the “minute” format that this blog was originally created for, I thought it helpful to post it here.

Some of you may wonder if I will be continuing the short essays (that I’ve only been repeating lately). The short answer is “yes,” but it will not be a main focus for now. However, as I get into the rhythm of creating that material I will be able to adapt that content for the “minute” format. As a result this it means that this new years brings a new schedule. Because the first of month began on a Tuesday I will be releasing the new weekly series on that day. The initial essay looked at January 1st – 7th. So, the next article will examine the 8th -14th. As a result of when this series is posted the reminders of my All About Jack podcast will move to Thursday starting next week. Finally, any new (or repeats of) the C.S. Lewis Minute feature will be on Saturdays (starting tomorrow).

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