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Jack in Retrospect: January 8th-14th

January 8, 2013

     Last week I began an examination of what was happening in the life of C.S. Lewis over the years. Because some material by him wasn’t released until after his death (or new collections were published) they were included as well. This article continues that exploration by covering  some major events that occurred from January 8th – 14th.

Unless you are one of the more serious fans of Lewis’s writings you may not be aware that he initially wanted to be a poet. His first two published books were poetry and they will be discussed later this year during the time period they were released. This week on the 9th in 1946 a poem entitled “The Birth of Language” was printed in Punch. Some consider it to be one of his best poems, however, most didn’t know it was from Lewis…at least not at first. That’s because it was originally credited to Nat Whilk (Anglo-Saxon for ‘I know not whom’). It was actually very common for Lewis to use such an alias when having his poetry published. This particular poem used planetary imagery to describe the beginnings of human language and can now be found in a collection simply called Poems.

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