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r44 – Dangers of National Repentance

March 9, 2013

    Listen to as PODCAST: LM044-National Repentace 


Dangers National RC.S. Lewis was such a gifted writer that even when he wrote about a very specific situation one can still years later glean useful truth for other circumstances. Such was the case with Lewis’ essay “Dangers of National Repentance.”


First publish in The Guardian on March 15, 1940, “Dangers of National Repentance” deals with a concern Lewis had about some young Christians from England who wanted to repent for their country. They believed England was at least partly to blame for WWII.

While noting that a repentant attitude is much better than a self-righteous one, Lewis believed these individuals were focusing more on denouncing the conduct of others and overlooking the more important task…that of repenting of one’s own sins.

Have you found an essay by Lewis especially helpful? Tell me about it when you leave your comments (reply) below. Questions are also welcomed!


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