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AAJ Podcast: 01r Essay Chat – “Sometimes Fairy Stories…” (with Dr. Holly Ordway)

April 1, 2013

EC01 - Sometimes Fairy StoriesFrom my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page – The following is a repeat of the debut show I’ve simply called an “essay chat.” For those not familiar with it, the purpose of this program is to focus on a single essay (or similar shorter work) by C.S. Lewis and discuss it with another Lewis expert or enthusiast. This first one was done with Dr. Holly Ordway on the essay  “Sometimes Fairy Stories Say Best What’s to be Said.”

Listen to “Sometimes Fairy Stories…” Chat




As you may have noticed, I’m posting my podcast material on Mondays now instead of Thursdays. So, every Monday there will be a feature interview or essays chat (it may be new or a re-post of a previous one.

The feature weekly Jack in Retrospect is new each Wednesday as a result. Then a somewhat “normal” CSL Minute is done on Fridays. As you may have noticed there has been any new minutes for a while and I often post some other short piece instead of the original flag-ship feature. It’s not because of a lack of material to create, but merely the practical aspect of the time to do it with the special Retrospect series.

Finally, don’t forget that other features are available and updated EACH DAY over at

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