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Reminder of Retrospect New Location

May 29, 2013

ME ECSLAs you might have heard (or seen) my larger site (Essential C.S. Lewis) has been revised and makes it much easier to read the latest Jack in Retrospect Weekly (along with past columns and other features I do). So…the complete weekly essay is only there. Below, however is part of it to let you know some of what is happening (to get you interested enough to make the jump to read the rest!):

– – – –

Highlights in Lewis’s life for the week are: Advice from Screwtape on the danger war is to contented worldliness, a letter about figuring out “Aslan’s other name” and the acceptance of a new position late in his professional career.

One major event stands above all else for this time period in the life of Lewis. Most who know his life fairly well are aware that he spent his final years at Cambridge University. However, the landmark decision to make this move that occurred on June 4, 1954 was something that didn’t come easy for Lewis. This is despite the fact that he had been overlooked for advancement at Oxford on more than one occasion and Cambridge even created the position of Chair of Medieval and Renaissance English with him in mind. In fact Lewis didn’t even apply for the position. However…


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