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Retrospect Column New Location (Reminder)

June 5, 2013

ME ECSLAs you might have heard (or seen) my larger site (Essential C.S. Lewis) has been revised and makes it much easier to read the latest Jack in Retrospect Weekly (along with past columns and other features I do). So…the complete weekly essay is only there. Below, however is part of it to let you know some of what is happening (to get you interested enough to make the jump to read the rest!):

– – – –

This week’s highlights related to Lewis include: his most famous sermon, a first letter to an eventual longtime friend, winning a scholarship and a book related to his professional specialty.

Before the magic of Narnia started in 1950 C.S. Lewis had a magical year in 1941. In April he gave his first RAF talk, in May his first letter by Screwtape was published, in August he gave his first radio talk on the BBC and was asked to do a second series in September, then in December he gave a special series of lectures that became A Preface to Paradise Lost. But it is this week in 1941 that some would say was the best thing he did for the year. On June 8, 1941 he gave what was just his second sermon. If you are familiar with any of his shorter works you already know its name, “The Weight of Glory.”


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