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Retro: June 12th – 19th (Where to Read)

June 12, 2013

As you might have heard (or seen) my larger site (Essential C.S. Lewis) has been revised and makes it much easier to read the latest Jack in Retrospect Weekly (along with past columns and other features I do). So…the complete weekly essay is only there. Below, however is part of it to let you know some of what is happening (to get you interested enough to make the jump to read the rest!):

– – – –

Highlights for the period of June 12th – 19th include: the birthday of his closest friend, beginning his longest employment and an explanation of “an old textbook method” that the devils use.

The Splendid CenturyLewis was the youngest in his family. His only sibling was his brother, Warren who was nearly three-and-half years older. Born on the 16th in 1895, the elder brother became close friends with his junior over the years. This doesn’t mean they had the same interests, in fact, a major difference in their tastes from their younger years turns out to be a pretty good summary of their most outstanding talents. Lewis from his early days was intrigued by fairy tales and fantasy stories. Warnie had more of an interest in history. While the younger brother is known more than for just his Narnia (fairy tale) stories, those familiar with Warnie point to his key contribution as his books on French history. Warnie is also known for editing the Lewis Family Papers. This unpublished document is eleven volumes and the originals are at the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College in Illinois.


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