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Where to Read Retro: June 20th – 30th

June 23, 2013

As you might have heard (or seen) my larger site (Essential C.S. Lewis) has been revised and makes it much easier to read the latest Jack in Retrospect in Detail (along with past columns and other features I do). So…the complete essay is only there. Below, however is part of it to let you know some of what is happening (to get you interested enough to make the jump to read the rest!):

– – – –

Highlights in Lewis’s life for this time frame are: Sharing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with his close friends four months before it was published, being awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity and Screwtape talking about the “law of Undulation.”

Chronicles Box SetAs you may recall, Lewis met frequently with a group of friends called the Inklings. They gathered at a variety of places, but on the 22nd in 1950 it happen to be at the Eagle and Child. When they came together at this location it was unusual for them to actually read any of their works. Nevertheless, this was a special occasion , as Lewis brought the galley proofs of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A “galley proof” is a preliminary version of a final copy of a publication, in this case, Lewis’s first published Narnia story. They are then reviewed for the last time by authors and editors (as well as others with whom they share). Around this time Lewis comment to another individual in a letter that the actual book would be available by Christmas (it came out in October).


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