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Monthly Reminder about Retro Column

October 12, 2013

Retro Picture Oct 11Regular readers may recall that a series I began at the first of this year entitled Jack in Retrospect was moved to be just available on my “umbrella” site called The series chiefly details what was happening in Lewis’s life over the years for a particular period. A monthly version is actually only available over at the official C.S. Lewis Blog from HarperOne. I had originally done a weekly version on my site, but found it was more manageable to divide the month into three parts. These columns go into more detail than is given at the HarperOne site.

The recent one I posted examines October 11th – 21st, a period over the years that may be his most ground breaking time. The first and second Narnia stories were released and then ten years before this his first apologetic work was published.

The first third of October was also a very significant time: the final individual book that was later collected in Mere Christianity was published and Lewis did what might have been the first review of a book by his friend, and then unknown author, J.R.R. Tolkien.

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