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r41 – The Shoddy Lands

February 4, 2014

    Listen to as PODCAST: LMr41-Shoddy Lands 


Lewis is known for various fictional works, especially his stories of Narnia. But I bet you didn’t know he also wrote about “The Shoddy Lands.”

During Lewis’ lifetime only two of his short stories were published. One of them, “The Shoddy Lands” was in a  issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is also reprinted in Of Other Worlds.

In the story, a student visits his former tutor, who has brought along his fiancée, Peggy. Then, the tutor, who is also the narrator, is taken away to another land where nearly eve­rything is nondescript. The key exception is what turns out to be a giant version of Peggy.


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