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We Interrupt This Interruption for an Announcement

March 23, 2014

Lewis Picture (Green Book)I’m sure most of you have noticed the lack of postings lately. I had planned to keep the daily quiz going at least through the end of this month, but had some personal health issues that forced me to limit my activities greatly. Fortunately those issues have passed and I’m doing much better.

Just prior to all that happening I had been hoping to figure out how to keep THIS blog active along with my larger Lewis site ( that really supersedes these posts. That is, I don’t really post anything here that isn’t posted there and I post much more frequently there.

Without getting too lengthy, part of the  “problem” had been the fact that at this blog you could signup and receive an email informing you of the latest post and at my other place you couldn’t…UNTIL NOW. So, while I plan to keep all the content already posted here, I will be putting more material on it even more rarely.

So, I ENCOURAGE you (especially if you already get the email from here) to go to my site and signup for those messages. Each day I post a fact, quote and quiz question and typically update three weekly features (so that’s about eight emails a week at the most).

SIGN UP E-CSLHere’s how to signup…visit my site, and find the rectangular box towards the top right. From there you need to click on it to be able to submit your email address. Once you hit the “Subscribe me!” button you will receive an email message shortly to confirm your subscription.

The daily features are usually completely included in the email (so you don’t even have to visit the site to get it). But if you want to check the answer to the quiz you will have to go to the site. I’ve been revising last year’s Jack in Retrospect column where I detail his life over the years by the months with an article three times a month (about every ten days).

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