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AAJ Podcast: Joy, part 1 (Abigail Santamaria)

July 28, 2015

JOY (ABBY)From my All About Jack Podcast – While there have been various books on or related to the life story of Joy Davidman, an in-depth treatment has never been done. That is, until now.  Over a dozen years in the making, Abigail Santamaria’s debut biography is simply called Joy. To say that Joy Davidman was just the wife of C.S. Lewis is to ignore her own accomplishments as a writer and the influence she had in several books by Lewis. In this first of a two part interview, the topics that William O’Flaherty spoke with the author about include how she became interested in Joy’s life and about what the Davidman household was like growing up, as well as her first marriage to Bill Gresham. The next part will look more at how Joy met Lewis, some factors that led to her divorce and how she ultimately married Lewis twice. 


Listen to Joy, part 1 Interview



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