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AAJ Podcast: The Narnia Code Series 05 (Shows 11-13)

December 29, 2015

The C.S. Lewis Minute blog began back in late 2011 as a way for me to share my renewed interest in reading books by C.S. Lewis. This eventual lead to interviewing a variety of book authors and another place online to combine everything. now supersedes this blog, but because a lot of people are still following it, I occasionally post here to remind those of what’s available there. 

Narnia Code 05 (11-13)From my All About Jack Podcast – This is the fifth and final episode in the re-packaged series on The Narnia Code. It combines what was previously the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth episodes. Back in 2012 I had the privilege to interview Dr. Michael Ward for a series of thirteen episodes to discuss his book The Narnia Code. With me to help co-host the show was Dr. Holly Ordway. Due to the series being in so many parts I was reluctant to re-post it, but because this year is not only the 65th anniversary of the publication of the first Narnia story, but also the 10th anniversary of the first Hollywood version of the Narnia movies I felt it was the perfect time to do so. As noted, I decided to combine three shows for this posting. It covers the last two chapters from The Narnia Code. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes then be sure to follow the links below to give them a listen.


Listen to The Narnia Code 05 (Shows 11-13)


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