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Top 5 Questionable Lewis Quotes for 2015 (Preview)

January 2, 2016

The C.S. Lewis Minute blog began back in late 2011 as a way for me to share my renewed interest in reading books by C.S. Lewis. This eventual lead to interviewing a variety of book authors and another place online to combine everything. now supersedes this blog, but because a lot of people are still following it, I occasionally post here to remind those of what’s available there. 

From my Essential C.S. Lewis Site – The following is the introduction to an article I posted that I wanted make sure you were aware of. I’ve been doing a series of articles exploring questionable quotations credited to C.S. Lewis. So far I’ve done sixteen pieces, each examining a different quotation. For this summary piece I decided to highlight the five most popular posts (determined by most viewed on my site). Again, this is only the introduction, so be sure to follow the link to read the rest of it.


It’s no secret that not every quote attributed to C.S. Lewis found online (and sometimes even in books) is actually something he wrote. While I’ve been exploring this issue the last few years, it was only about four months ago that I began to devote individual posts to questionable quotations. While I’ve only examined sixteen expressions so far (and it looks like there are at least twice as many more), I felt the start of the new year was a good time to highlight the most popular sayings up to this point (determined by most views on my site).

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on this issue then you know I’ve come up with three categories for the results of my investigation. If not, then be sure to read my INTRODUCTION to Confirming C.S. Lewis Quotations article.

What follows are each of the five most popular questionable quotations along with the main article about that expression. One component not found here, but available in most of the original posts, is the section sharing the closest material Lewis did write related to the topic. You can follow the link (in the title of the quote) to read the original post. Finally, for a complete list of questionable quotations that is updated as I add a new article can be found series overview page.


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